Fall Bucket List

Fall is rapidly approaching. Why the midwest suddenly decided to have summer weather is beyond me. I'm looking forward to soup, college football, and the smell of pumpkin. I'm not the biggest fan of the taste of pumpkin, but I love the smell. Is that weird?

Every year, I have so much I want to do. This year, I decided to make a bucket list to commit to a few activities. There are more things I'd like to do with adults only such as go to a local town known for its wineries and German heritage to enjoy their Oktoberfest activities. While P is still too young to really participate in any activities besides drooling, pooping, or crying, A is at that fun age where she can finally do a lot of things she enjoys. I'm so excited for fall!

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  1. I hate the taste of pumpkins, but I like the smell, so I'm right there with you!